Many of our customers ask us what is the best way to establish a new lawn for our home. Do you use new sod or you just simply seed over loam? The fastest way to a new lawn is definitely by sodding over fresh loam which could be tricky though if not done by professionals.

Seeding a new lawn can be very tedious and the seed requires a lot of water at regular intervals throughout the day, making the process very tiresome. If the seed is allowed to dry out it will not germinate. The one advantage to
seeding a lawn is cost-effectiveness. Seeding is much less costly than sodding. Like seed, sod requires regular watering but it will not die out as quickly as seed will.

If you have the budget for sod then sodding your new lawn is the best way to go. Regardless of whether you use seed or sod for your lawn, you should always make sure to have a good layer of quality screened loam on your property. Rolling and grading the loam is also important so you are left with a smooth level surface. Always remember to create a positive slope away from your property to allow for good drainage.

Grass Sod

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