Shipping Policy

Our customers can trust WhyteAve Landscaping Supplies Ltd. for the quick and safe delivery of their ordered products. We operate a fleet of trucks, including 5 Ton Truck End Dump, 12 Ton End Dump Truck, 30 Ton End Dump, and Flatbed trucks, which can deliver anywhere in Alberta. We carefully select the appropriate truck(s) for the type(s) of product(s) ordered and ensure a reliable delivery service.

We schedule deliveries based on product availability, delivery method, and the address provided by the customer after an order is placed.

We determine delivery charges based on following factors:

  • Volume of material
  • Weight of materials
  • Number of Pallets
  • Vehicle type
  • Number of trips required
  • Road bans
  • Access to drop-off site

If there are any road ban or restrictions on shipping to certain destinations, we will contact the customer to discuss and clarify the situation.

The shipping cost varies based on the quantity and type of material ordered, as well as the delivery address location from our yard.

  • $115 Delivery charges for Bulk Items upto 12 yards within 25 km from WALS yard.
  • Our delivery charge for a Flat Bed is $120 for 1 pallet or 1 WALS bag or 1 item within 25 km of WALS yard. Any additional pallet, WALS bag, or item incurs an additional charge of $25 each additional item.

You can use our Delivery Calculator to determine the shipping cost for the materials you plan to order.

Delivery Calculator Link:


If Whyte Ave Landscape Supplies (WALS) truck/machinery is going on customer property, this disclaimer MUST be replied to. 

WALS is not responsible for any damage caused to your lawn/property/driveway or tire marks left during delivery. By signing this disclaimer you are stating that you understand and accept that any kind of damage to your property is not the responsibility of Whyte Ave Landscape Supplies or its drivers.

WALS drivers or machinery will not go to any city green belt. WALS drivers have the right to refuse dumping if they have to pass through the City Green Belt. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to check the accessibility of the drop-off location before scheduling the delivery.

WALS delivery truck or delivery machinery will never dump or place over the fence.

WALS Return Policy