Sod should be laid as soon as possible, no later than 24 hours after delivery or pickup from WALS yard.


Yard Preparation:

  1. Clean all debris from the area.
  2. Grade and shape to desired contours.
  3. Make sure topsoil should be available to a depth of 8-10cm. Quality topsoil can be added to build up the amount of soil.
  4. If top soil is not soft, rototill the soil properly.
  5. Add starter fertilizer at the rate of 10 kgs per 100 sq. meters and rake in.
  6. Ensure your prepared surface is smooth and even, use sod roller to roll lightly to even out any depressions

Sod Installation:

  1. Start first row of sod from a straight line such as a Fence, Driveway or Curb or run a string line up the middle of the area to be sodded.
  2. Keep unrolling and laying sod roll in a ‘brick-work’ fashion.
  3. Cut the sod with sod knife as needed and make sure all joints are put tightly together without overlapping.
  4. Use sod roller to smooth out the new sod.
  5. Installed Sod should be watered immediately. Thoroughly water new sod so that the soil is wet to a depth of 1″ (2.5 cm) beneath your sod.
  6. Use a Frisbee to measure amount of water (Frisbee holds 1″ (2.5 cm) of water), move the sprinkler to new area every time Frisbee is full.
Watering and mowing recommendations for three weeks.
Tool We Rent We Sell
Lawn Roller Yes Yes
Wheelbarrow Yes Yes
Sod Knife No Yes
Rake Yes Yes
Shovel Yes Yes
Gloves No Yes