Functional and attractive, professionally installed retaining walls can contain your property in a more visually appealing and stunningly stylish way. Whether you’re looking for natural stone or pavers, St. Albert homeowners and businesses have come to trust the expertise and
the workmanship of Whyte Ave Landscape supplies.

We can offer suggestions that will improve the value of your property. Check out our gallery of past projects then contact us for a free personalized consultation. When you are working on creating your dream landscape, make sure you get the highest quality products to help achieve
your vision. Trust the experts at Quality Landscaping Supplies in St. Albert to provide you with the best landscaping supplies in town.

We install retaining walls using precast stone, natural stack stone, natural boulders, concrete, pressure-treated or cedarwood, etc. The tentative costs can vary greatly for retaining walls depending on what type of material you plan to use and what height and length your retaining wall will be. We always recommend precast or natural stone retaining walls over
pressure treated or cedar wood retaining walls because the stone will withstand the elements far better than wood. It is a well-known fact that stone is typically heavier than wood so your wall will be less likely to heave in the future. Wood retaining walls have a tendency to sag, warp or bow.

Simple garden walls can be built using wood but try to use stone for walls that require more strength. Precast retaining walls are the most popular retaining wall we install. Precast or concrete retaining walls are built with poured concrete that comes precast in block form which makes them so useful. These retaining wall blocks fit together and are stackable. Our team
often uses precast retaining walls for garden bed retainers or large supporting retaining walls. Bring your garden to life with a retaining wall blocks in St. Albert by Whyte Ave Landscape.

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