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Sanding Chips

Sanding Chips are small rocks used by winter contractors in parking lots and sidewalks. Sanding chips can be applied to slippery parking lots and sidewalks to provide traction. We sell sanding chips in bulk , in WALS 1 cubic yard bag and also in 55 lb bags, and are a great alternative to sandbags for weight and traction for your vehicles.
When Sanding Chips are mixed with salt , it is called Pickled Sanding Chips or Picklked Mix. In extreme cold weather, the salt helps melt and fight against ice build up and hard pack snow while sanding chips create traction and a slip free surface in parking lots, sidewalks and driveways.
Sanding with Sanding Chips can greatly benefit Public buildings, businesses and commercial facilities. This will keep workplace safe and will prevent injuries, worker’s compensation, and any liabilities that may come with the icy conditions.