We at Whyte Ave Landscaping have been providing unique hard landscapes throughout Edmonton and the surrounding region. And we get a lot of recommendations from our clients. Helping develop a lot into a beautiful yard can involve contractors of many talents like hard landscapers (paving stones, retaining walls installer), carpenters (fences, decks), excavators, soft landscapers (dirt, sod, shrubs, trees, ponds, etc.), irrigation installers and landscape designers. Whyte Ave Landscaping can certainly help you with the best resolution for all your needs. We supply Paving Stones for sale.

We specialize in the world-class installation of paving stones sales in Edmonton and retaining walls. After our part of the job is done, we can deal with the other trades on your behalf to ensure the entire job is properly finished. We have highly experienced team members who are enthusiastic and always eager to help you find the best solution for all your paving stones and other landscaping needs.

We specialize in providing high-quality materials and impeccable installation.

Our wide range of outdoor paving stones has specifically designed and manufactured for our climate. They can withstand freeze-thaw, effective water drainage, and are resistant to salt stains. In addition to the technical benefits of these stones, all our designs are exclusively made with a deep understanding. With having its unique utilities for both landscape architects and of course the clients. We’ve curated a selection of options that can fit a variety of design aesthetics and help our clients achieve a modern & timeless landscape project. Be it a residential work or a commercial project we have the right solution for everything and we relentlessly work
on upgrading our skills and be as updated as possible to match our client’s specific requirements.

If you want to transform your front and backyards into an outstanding area then we are the team you are looking for. We’re one of the most reliable and affordable companies in Edmonton. We have a great understanding of paving stones and other landscaping materials. However, For the past decade, the brick and stone industry has created the right atmosphere for hundreds of people. We can help you with materials to build anything and everything from a simple walkway to a waterfall.

So what are you waiting for? Call us today. Paving Stones for Sale