We at Whyte Ave Landscaping have been creating outdoor escapes in Leduc, St. Albert and Edmonton for years with numerous completed projects. We specialize in landscape design and upscale stonework including; paving stone, patio paving, mosaics, retaining wall, pond and waterfall etc. We also offer artificial turf and complete landscaping for projects with a major stonework or water feature component. We have specialized equipment for those tight access yards. Our team members have years of combined relevant landscaping experience. As an industry leader in customer service, quality and design we have worked hard to set ourselves apart and that’s what makes us one of the best patio paving pavers in Leduc.  We encourage you to enjoy and explore our landscaping gallery for ideas and be sure to skim through the tips for home owners which you may find helpful.

We specialize in the world-class installation of paving stones and retaining walls. After our part of the job is done, we can deal with the other trades on your behalf to ensure the entire job is properly finished. We offer a conditional 1-year guarantee on all materials and installation.

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It is a well-known fact that developing a lot into a beautiful yard can involve contractors of many trades: hard landscapers (paving stones, retaining walls installer), carpenters (fences, decks), excavators, soft landscapers (dirt, sod, shrubs, trees, ponds, etc.), irrigation installers and landscape designers. Whyte Ave Landscape can assist with it all, either directly or through our network of trusted, quality partners. We provide paving stones for different purposes, like Mosaics, Patios, Walkways, Driveways, etc.

Paving stones are beautiful, durable and, when properly installed, they add great value to your home. Therefore Paving stones are often called interlocking brick and they are used to build patios & paths. And Often used for borders between grass and gardens to aid in the whole lawn mowing process. Moreover, These Paving stones have been around for thousands of years and you can see them in many older cities throughout the world. From Greece to Mexico, England to Quebec, paving stones have been the long-lasting classic choice of builders throughout the ages. Why are paving stones still popular today? The simple answer is that nothing has come close to offering the beauty of paving stones and nothing can outlast them.

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