For covering driveways and paths, and for filling spaces between stone pavers, gravel if ‘inexpensive and versatile choice across most applications. This gravel calculator might prove itself useful.

If you are going for a natural, casual look in your yard, look for stone with rough edges rather than precise pavers, and skip the concrete in favour of rustic (and inexpensive) pea gravel. This combination is budget-friendly and chic, calling to mind the relaxed outdoor areas of homes.

It’s important to mix right amount of pea gravel with pavers to delineate an outdoor lounge space in the landscape. Pea gravel is very affordable. Decide where you want your loungers to sit and then place them. Fill the remaining space with a layer of pea gravel roughly three inches deep, ensuring you fill the spaces between each paver. Now the question is how much quantity do you need!

There’s no easy answer to this as your need is directly proportionate to the kind of area that you plan to cover. You need to plan the whole process first and identify which are the areas that you want to cover. And then take a proper measurement to understand how much do you need to order to get the right mix.

Once you have the measurement of the area that you
need to cover you need to ascertain or determine how many cubic yards do you need. We have a team of experienced members who have been associated with this for a real long time to help you come to a right conclusion.

You can also use our gravel calculator tool to fill out the relevant information to get exact information. Because that information is imperative even before you start the actual work as you don’t want to end up having less or high amount of the same material since it may higher or lower the overall expenses.