We known for our impeccable perfection in getting the right supplies for our clients. It’s imperative you get a quality product to carry out your work. Get the beautiful Rocks for your land for any landscape supplies / material that you need for everything from minor touch-ups to complete overhauls or new builds.

Swing by our landscape material centre to get your supplies. Getting it delivered directly from our beautiful Rocks land topsoil field is not only a great choice, but also a great cost-saving measure.

Be it quality topsoil, landscaping rocks, gravel, mulch or even landscaping fabric we have everything ready to fulfill your requirements. Come in for a quick free estimate on the supplies you need for your very own yard project. Take a look at our product lists to inspire you. We now carry aluminum edging to help you lay brick pathways and make beautifully edged gardens. With supplies available by bag or truckload, you have the option to pick up the supplies yourself or take advantage of our convenient delivery service.

We as a team supply a wide range of products for your landscaping needs.

Our inventory includes:

  • All Landscaping accessories such as edging.
  • High-quality screened topsoil
  • Wide variety of landscaping stones & rocks
  • Multiple sizes & colour choices for high-quality mulch

Additional products include water features, which can add tranquillity to any interior or exterior space. Veneers bring the rugged look of the outdoors inside to reface walls, fireplaces, and architectural features.

Our clients include all sectors of clients i.e. commercial and residential landscape professionals, bricklayers, and many creative folks who like to work on their property themselves.

As a hardscape and landscape material supplier that is dedicated to our clients. We will work with you to ensure you get the exact product you are looking for to complete your projects to perfection.

When you are working on creating your dream landscape, make sure you get the highest quality products to help achieve your vision. Trust the expert at Whyte Ave Landscape Supplies (WALS) for a beautiful Rocks land place for landscape supplies in Edmonton. We provide you with the best and high-quality landscaping supplies in town.